No matter what position you hold in the Kingdom of God, everyone gets weary and tired. Whether you’re a communicator, administrator, or assist; after so long, you feel the weight of that load. You can get to the place that you go through the motions, and you become more like a programmed machine. You do what you do for many reasons. First of all, it’s your calling. Second, you want to see people saved. Third, you want to bless God’s people. When we think about those things, then we start to feel bad for feeling bad. Don’t forget; you’re still human, and you can only handle so much. There’s a reason you’re tired and not as creative. It’s a sign that you need to rest.

There isn’t anything wrong with taking some time off and resting. In fact, it would be wrong for you not too. The stress of church work is so burdensome, it takes a calling, anointing, and rest to get through it. Preaching, teaching, organizing, singing, programming services, promotions, marketing, outreach, and small groups; it’s a lot. And you can’t do it all by yourself, and you certainly can’t be what you need to be without a break. You’ll think better after some time off. Your blood pressure will come down. I know that for a fact. Not to mention, your marriage will be stronger, and your kids will have your complete attention for a little while.

Even Jesus took time to rest. Yes, God in the flesh had to rest. Once, He sent His disciples on the boat, while He went to the mountains. They didn’t understand and were afraid to be without Him. However, Jesus had to teach them to not lean on Him for everything. I believe that example should be illustrated in all of our churches. Sure, people want you with them all the time, but sometimes you have to point them to the sea while you go to the mountains. That can be spiritual or physical. You have to know when is a good time to leave for a while. Jesus didn’t leave them in the beginning; when He first called them. But after a lot of teaching and leading, He was able to send them on without Him being with them. Maybe you should do that with the ones you lead.

For the Livingstons, we like to go camping in our fifth-wheel. We love boating, on a pontoon or a Carnival Cruise Ship. I have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and my wife and I usually go riding the day after a church service. I could have just said motorcycle, but when you own a real that has two names, you have to say it all – LOL. My point is, rest will make you better at what you do. If you just keep going without it, in time, you’ll want to quit. Take some time this week and schedule yourself some time off. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a couple of days or a week. You need it, and your church should support it.

The Kingdom needs you; your church needs you, your department needs you, the organization needs you; so do it.
You owe it to the ones you lead.

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