I don’t think people realize how powerful their words are. The Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue. That means what you say can either promote life or cause hurt. The enormity of communication has expanded incredibly over the centuries. And now, words are heard and seen all over the world every second of the day. The internet has enabled people to communicate in a way like never before. Through social media, we have never been surrounded by words and communication more than today. I only wish people understood what they are causing to happen with their words.

As you scroll through facebook, twitter, and all the other resources we use for communication; isn’t it surprising how much negativity is written? Please, don’t misunderstand me; I am all for free speech. However, I am also for speeches that bring freedom. You’re more than welcome to attack whomever you want to from politics to religion. But I would caution anyone who uses their words like a wrecking ball. Feel free to stir up controversy, then set back and watch people with opposing views fight it out. I’m just curious about what the end goal is?

But what if a few of us would join together as a team, and determined to promote life, healing, and deliverance with our words? I wonder what would happen. What if our team started causing people to look up instead of down. How about we encourage people to pray for one another instead of finding fault. I wonder if we could turn this tide of negativity at all if we used our words to heal instead of hurt. I guess we don’t know because so far, there isn’t many on this team. However, I am recruiting. Who wants to help me be a light to the lost person trying to find their way? Anybody want to join me in saying things that will cause someone sick and recovering to feel hope? Would you like to help me provoke one another to love and good works? I’m ready to see healing over hurting; are you with me?

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