I believe we serve a God who will help us fight and win our battles. So, if you’re in a battle, be encouraged. However, I do have one question. Who started the battle?

There are times in our journey with the Lord, as we go deeper in our relationship with Him, it stirs up the enemy, and causes him to come against us. If that’s the one you’re in, stay strong, you are going to win.

As crazy as it may sound, sometimes we are the reason. Yes, there is a battle the enemy will engage in to keep us from going to the next level, but there is something else that will stir him up. When we allow ourselves to be drawn into temptation, the adversary starts to fight. He’s not working to keep us from getting closer to God, he sees us allowing things in our lives, and the battle is to push us the rest of the way out. Guess who started that battle? You did.

You went to the wrong website, you picked up that bottle again, or you allowed yourself to be put in a position that you knew wouldn’t be good. The bottom line is, you started this battle, and as hard as it may be, you have to admit it. You let those feelings get inside of you, and bitterness set in. You didn’t keep your weaknesses weak, but you let them become strong, and now you’re fighting what was at one time conquered.

You’re probably wondering by now how are you going to get out of this and if God is going to leave you on your own. He will never leave you or forsake you, but to win this battle, you have to admit and recognize that you caused it. You’re not just fighting the enemy because you gave into temptation, you’re fighting yourself. God will help you when you confess these things to Him, but you have to be ready because He’s not going to take over this battle, He’s going to help you in it. You can’t just give it to Him; you have to trust in Him to help you through it. You caused it, now fight with everything you have to get out of it, and know that God is beside you.

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