There is no doubt we serve a God that can do anything. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, He can solve it. Whether you need a healing, deliverance, or restoration, He is more than able. I can start writing a list of what God can do and it would go on and on, because no matter what the situation is, He can fix it. We know what God can do.

When Jesus started His ministry, it didn’t take long for people to find out what He could do. Multitudes began to follow Him because of what He was capable of. I’m sure word began to spread as people would tell their friends to come and see a man that is able to heal and deliver. Finally it was one need after another lining up for the touch of the Master. I can just see them standing in front of Him and saying, “I’m here for what you are able to do for me”.

As great as that is, the problem was many followed Jesus because of what He could do. Yes, He came to heal, deliver and restore, but the main reason He came was to reveal the Father to us and to save us from our sins. It seemed that many lined up for what He could do, but not many stayed to find out who He was. They stood in line for a miracle, but never waited for a revelation. They didn’t understand that what He could do was not as important as who He was.

As a pastor, I see the same thing happening today. People seem to be more interested in what Jesus can do, more so than getting a true revelation of who He is. They’ll show up to church when they have a need, but are too busy to be there when things are going good. Their faithfulness is gauged by what they are in need of at that time. Don’t get me wrong, God loves to bless people and give them what they need, but He longs for people to sit at His feet and learn more about who He is.

I would challenge you today to hunger for who He is, more than what He can do. Don’t just spend your prayer time asking Him to do things for you, but ask Him for greater revelation…let Him know you’re longing to know Him in a greater way. Be able to share with people what Jesus can do, but even more, be able to tell people who He is. What He can do will draw them to Him, but who He is will sustain them for the rest of their lives.

You know WHAT He can do, but do you know WHO He is?

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  1. I am one of God’s children. But, I am not Jesus, nor would any paetrnal offspring from Him be Jesus. They would be whatever Jesus wanted to call them. But, Jesus didn’t come to earth to start a family.He already did that in the Garden of Eden.

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