There are so many people who are facing incredible challenges right now. For some, it’s like climbing an exceedingly high mountain, and they are entirely exhausted. For others, it’s a dark, cold valley without the view of the sun. There are those who are in a raging storm, and they are holding on with everything inside of them. It’s someone in a hospital needing a miracle. It’s someone that just lost a job, and they don’t know what they are going to do. It’s someone battling depression or a diagnosis that has them fearful. It’s a family problem, a bitter divorce, school issues, work stress, or physical challenges. There are so many more situations that I could share, and the list would go on and on. They’re discouraged, and the problem is, they don’t see themselves getting through it. 
For anyone facing a seemingly impossible situation, I want you to be encouraged at the starting of this week. The same God that allowed whatever you’re going through plans on you coming out. He didn’t let the storm come so you would die in it; He saw you making it to the other side. He sees you climbing that mountain, walking through that valley and being renewed, restored, and revived when it’s over. No matter what it is or how long it takes, God plans on you coming out with the victory. He let you go in it because He plans on you getting through it. That’s what God sees. 

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