Solomon spent seven years building the House of God. He then spent almost fourteen years building his own house. He proved that he was willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom of God. However, he sacrificed twice as long for himself. Once Solomon became consumed with his own kingdom, his life began to spin out of control. The Bible says he chose to be with many strange women who served idol Gods. He not only was with them, but he ended up building altars to their Gods. At the end of his life he realized the tremendous mistakes that he had made and said that all of it was vanity and wasn’t worth the price he had paid.

The question is, how does a great and wise man start so good and then fall so bad? How do you build the house of God and then make these kind of errors? Once Solomon became more consumed with building something for himself more than the Kingdom of God, he began to fall. It wasn’t that God didn’t want him to have a house and money, He just wanted Solomon to keep Him first in everything.

Some people will sacrifice for the Kingdom of God, but they will sacrifice even more for themselves and their own things. We should all learn from the fall of this wise man. When you become consumed with your own things, more than things of God, you are headed down a dangerous road. God wants to Bless you, but He wants you to seek His Kingdom first. Perhaps you should redo your schedule this week. I’m sure you’re busy, but I would suggest you make time to do something for the Kingdom of God. Nothing you sacrifice for on this earth will last…but what you do for God will last forever.


  1. This is so relevant for our time. God and the work of God are the most important part of any life. Putting Him first is the greatest life anyone could live!

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