If you’ve made a mistake, and really messed up bad, chances are, you never planned on it. It wasn’t on your list of things to do. Falling wasn’t intentional, in fact, you probably didn’t even see it coming. But here you are dealing with the hurt and pain of regret knowing you never meant to make such a wrong decision. Not only are you beating yourself up for what you did, but the enemy is attacking you too. All the while, you’re saying, I never planned on this.


In just a few words this morning, let me encourage you. You may not have planned on failing, but you can plan on recovering. Your mess up wasn’t intentional, but your come back should be. Instead of thinking about how bad things are, start thinking about how great they’re going to be. You never saw it coming, but the enemy doesn’t see you being restored. Get out your list of things to do pad this morning and write this on the top, “I DIDN’T PLAN ON FALLING, BUT I PLAN ON GETTING BACK UP!!!”

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