It can stop you dead in your tracks. While you’re feeling the forward movement of progress and change in this new adventure, everything comes to a sudden stop as you start to wonder…WILL I BE ACCEPTED? That’s where things begin to shift. You had it all worked out and planned perfectly, then you began to fear that people just may not accept you. You’re afraid no one will listen to you or think your ideas are worth trying. So now you may not even try to make this move. Why do something if nobody is going to accept you?

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how good of an idea or plan we have, until it’s liked by someone other than us, it hasn’t passed the test. It started when we were just kids. We wanted our parents to approve of the coloring job we did or the picture we just drew. For me, no matter how excited I was about writing a new song, until I sang it to my family and got their approval, I didn’t really believe in it. We all need that wink or that certain look that lets us know, yes, we like it. The thought of it not meeting the approval of others is a frightening feeling.

As much as we want acceptance, you can’t always let that be the gauge. You first need to determine whether or not you have an idea, or a vision. If it’s just an idea, you might need to seek out other people’s opinions and see what they think. You may even need them to help you with the finishing touches. However, if you have a vision for it, then it doesn’t matter what others think, because you have a plan to see it through. You not only believe in what you see, but you also know where it came from. You understand that the vision is bigger than you, because it was sent by God.

When you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God sent it, and he’s called you to do this, then you must turn the vision into a mission. Fear will always try to work its way in between those two. It’s what comes between vision and mission. Maybe that’s currently where you are . Maybe you haven’t responded to what you’ve seen and felt, because you fear that no one will approve it. Honestly, some may not approve of it, but you can’t allow that to be the determining factor in your decision making.

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to His own and they received Him not. Did that change the power of the Gospel? Did that affect the greatness of His grace? Absolutely not!!! He even warned His disciples that there would be some people who would not accept them because of what they would be preaching. He said if they were rejected because of the gospel, to shake the dust of that city off of their feet and walk out. He didn’t say, “Don’t go if you think you won’t be accepted”, He just said “GO”!!! Don’t let the fear of others keep you from fulfilling the will of God. Rejection doesn’t mean you failed. God is not limited to only opening the current door, but He can open other doors too. Trust and believe that His plan is bigger than anyone who may not accept you.

One last thing, somebody IS going to accept you and believe in your vision and plan. It may take a while, but it’s going to happen. God has a way of connecting the right people, at the right time, with the right vision. What you say and what you want to do, is going to mean something to somebody at some point. Sometimes I think God allows us to go through rejection to see how much we believe in what He’s called us to do. Do you believe He gave you the vision? Do you want to do His will more than getting the approval of others? If so…you’re on your way to defeating the fear of not being accepted. Now go from vision to mission!

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