It’s a fear that so many face when they’re getting ready to do something they’ve never done before. Even after several confirmations, this fear can find it’s way into your mind causing you to second guess what you’ve prayed and fasted about. It seems like this particular fear happens right before you’re ready to launch into this new adventure. I’m sure it’s the enemies last chance at trying to talk you out of taking that leap of faith.

Since my blog is about encouraging someone that is battling this fear, let me go ahead and tell you something very important. YOU’RE NOT READY!!! That doesn’t mean I’m saying for you to give into this, but rather you have to accept the fact that you are not completely equipped for this journey. You not being ready is why God is calling you to do this. If you were ready and had everything together, you could possibly leave God out of the process. You just might take this leap without faith. Admitting you’re not ready is the same as accepting that you’ll have to depend on God to make this move.

All through the Bible you will find people that were called of God to do something before they were acutally ready. The Great King David was chosen without any experience. He was anointed before he was appointed. There was no way Esther was ready to step in the spotlight and lead God’s people through such a challenging time, but she was willing to do it, even if it cost her life. How do you get ready to be a disciple, when all you’ve ever done is fish for a living? Do you really think Mary was ready to hear that she was going to give birth to the Messiah? These people are just like me and you. They were afraid that they were not ready and truth is….they weren’t.

Whatever you’re lacking in, God’s grace will make up the difference. He want’s you to be successful, but He wants you to know you have to have Him. You will fall short, but that’s when His grace appears to help make up where you’re incomplete. Don’t ignore your inexperience, embrace it and make it cause you to always remember, you can’t do anything without the Lord. All God is looking for is a willing heart and a spirit to serve. It’s not about your readiness, it’s about His faithfulness and I promise you He is faithful.

Fearing that you’re not ready isn’t something that you have to overcome…it’s something you have to face and admit as you step into what God has called you to do. Can I challenge you with this question? Are you ready to do what you’re not ready to do?

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