1 Corinthians 16:9
For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

The great Apostle, Missionary, and Church Planter told the people, in his letter to the Corinthians, about an opportunity to further the Gospel. He called it a door. Which would imply, it can both open and shut. Evidently, he had checked the door before, and it was closed. With Paul’s passion and gift, I’m sure he wanted that door to open, but was patient until the time came that it began to open. Even though he might have been ready, he refused to try and force a closed-door to open.

When the day finally came, Paul saw the opening and walked through it with faith and confidence in his God. However, once he stepped on the other side of the door, he knew he would encounter opposition and resistance. But rather than focus on the adversity, Paul believed that God wouldn’t open a door for him to walk through, if he couldn’t handle what was on the other side. Paul told his brothers and sisters to pray for him as he walked through the door and faced opposition.

These two things that Paul talks about is for someone today. You might be checking a door that hasn’t opened for you yet. You’re gifted and have the passion to walk through, but the door is still closed. Let me encourage you to be patient while you keep checking whether or not it has opened. There isn’t anything wrong with you, and don’t take it personally during the process. Just be ready when you finally see it transition.

Once it opens and you walk through, there will be incredible opposition waiting for you. You might have even known that you would face it, but until you walk through the door, you have no idea how intense it’s going to be. Do not focus on the adversity. For the God that opened the door knew what you would encounter, and he has already equipped you for this moment. Rejoice about the open door and don’t start complaining about what you didn’t anticipate. Remember, this is what God called and gifted you to do. So walk through the open door, and step into your calling.

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