I think something is wrong with my phone. The clock is all messed up. I have to figure out what is going on with my calendar because so many things just happened yesterday. Today, my wife and I are suppose to watch our youngest daughter graduate from elementary school. That can’t be…I just registered her for kindergarten yesterday, in fact, she just learned to walk and ride a bike. What in the world is going on? She’s nine, but getting ready to turn ten and yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday.

The camera is all ready and we are going to watch her receive some awards today, but I’m in such a state of confusion about this time warp. There is no way this can all be happening with everything we saw her do just yesterday. Did all of this really happen in just the blink of an eye? Did we really go from watching her writing abc’s to pre-algebra overnight? It seems like we just got though celebrating her staying inside the lines when she colors a picture. Another crazy thing that doesn’t make any sense is there will be two numbers on her birthday cake. That can’t be…I just bought the number two for her last birthday and that was yesterday.

If you read this, maybe you could help me understand what is happening. Perhaps you’re a parent and you’ve figured this out, because our baby girl is the last of five and I don’t how it can be the date my calendar says it is. I look at her fourth grade school picture and don’t understand. I just ordered her kindergarten pictures yesterday! Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful little girl, but when did she start fitting into those size clothes? The clothes my wife just bought her yesterday all had a T on them.

Well, I can’t just stay here and worry about how we got to this moment so fast, I don’t want to miss the present trying to figure out what happened to the past. Her mom and I will watch her accept her awards and even get to hear her sing. We will smile with all kinds of pride as that little brown haired, blue eyed girl scans the audience to make sure we can see her perform. As soon as she spots us, she will put on a great big smile, but we will smile even bigger as she performs her last kindergarten song…wait a minute, it’s her last fourth grade performance, kindergarten was yesterday.

We have seen four of our kids graduate from Andrew Jackson Elementary School. All the teaches know us by name and many of them have taught one of our kids. In fact, MaKendra’s teacher was also Brooklyn’s teacher a few years ago. Actually, I’m not sure that’s right. That was just yesterday. This is crazy!!! It will be an emotional day because MaKendra is the last of our kids. Once we walk out of the school today, we will never walk back in to take any of our kids to class. The calendar says we’ve spent the last ten years bringing our kids to that school, but how can that be? We just registered our first two there yesterday!

While I can’t figure out what all has happened to the years gone by, I guess the next thing that concerns me is what will things look like tomorrow? Cherish every single day because they fly by as fast as it takes you to browse through a photo album and then you too will be saying…. “Wasn’t that just Yesterday?”

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