Ten days and counting. That’s all we have left in this year and I’m sure you’re already thinking about your New Year’s Resolution. So what’s at the top of your list? Could it be dieting, exercising, reading more, writing more, spending more time with family, going to church more, praying more? What are you planning to do in 2015?

Here’s the big question. Did you complete what you said you were going to do in this year? I have a suggestion. Take the next ten days and reflect on this year. I started thinking about this year with all of it’s ups and downs and began to reflect on what my goals were. Did I do what I wanted to do? Did I finish what I started? Maybe before we start planning our next move, we should think about our last move and how well it went.

Is it possible that we all have unfinished business we need to deal with? What did you say you were going to do last year at this time? Perhaps you’ve tried to forget those things because of some unexpected events that have happened to you. It’s been a year of ups and downs, but before you look ahead and try to forget what’s behind you, maybe you will find purpose in what is left undone. Don’t just let it lie, pick it back up and complete it.

There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project. Sometimes you think starting new will help you, but the incomplete things in your past will always find a way back to you. When that happens, it makes you feel like a failure and unable to finish anything. Discouragement sets in and the power of a pattern takes over. With hands thrown up in the air we scream, “What’s The Use?!!!”

Don’t start any new goals just yet. Go pick up that unfinished book that you started writing. Make that phone call, start that new business, share that campaign, paint that picture, go back to school and get that degree. I promise, you’ll be so glad you did.

So, for all of us that have unfinished business to do, that is our New Year’s Resolution. The plan is to finish what we started. It’s going to be an awesome year!!!


  1. Have enjoyed all your posts so far! I love this one..and yes the undone things do hang there and make you feel terrible about what ‘you haven’t done’. I am def gonna do this..thanks Denny!

      1. Agora estou sainda para trabalhar (não estou no Brasil no momento), mas a noite eu te faço um fritzing. É muito simples, porque o regulador tem uma perna de entrada, a perna do terra (comum a todo o circuto) e a saída de tensão rezd[iua.d[ ]]

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