Are you praying for God to use you? Do you have a passion for something specific? Maybe you’re even growing a little impatient because you’re ready to get started. You want to do a work for God, and that is awesome. You’re dreams, passion, and gifts are all coming together, and you’re anxious to get busy. In your waiting, you’ve probably even said; Lord, I know you can open this door because I’m doing it for you. I’m ready to work for you, God.

After being in ministry for over thirty years, I want to remind you of something. Before God can work through you, He has to work in you. Just because your hands are ready for work, doesn’t mean your heart is. God’s process always proceeds our progression, and that’s where you might be; in the process. Just because you don’t think you’re working, doesn’t mean that God isn’t working something within you. He is a God of timing, so wait on Him and learn to hear His voice more than you listen to your own. You have been called; you will be sent, you are going to do work for Him, as soon as the work is complete in you.


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