I’m getting my lesson ready for my leadership class tonight and I thought I would go ahead and blog about a few things I’ll be teaching. The subject of leadership is a strong passion of mine and I always enjoy pouring myself into the lives of leaders that are being developed. Watching them grow as a leader is such an amazing thing. To see the combination of talent, passion and commitment come together is a powerful achievement to be a part of. I love the moment when a leader just “gets it” and they transition into an incredible person of influence.

We are a growing church and we have such a great need for leaders in so many areas. I am mapping out and explaining tonight what our structure and needs are. I find that a true leader steps up where there is a need, even if it’s not an area they enjoy working in. They’re moved by the needs of people more than their own desires. The way I can tell the difference between the two is really simple.

1. When a leader is moved by the needs of people, they are willing to work where there is hurting and confusion because helping bring healing and order is why they lead.

2. When a leader is moved by their own ego and agenda, they will sit back and do nothing until where they want to lead becomes available.

The Kingdom of God needs leaders who are willing to work and bring structure to wherever the need is. Why you lead must be more important than where you lead sometimes. God told Samuel to anoint David to be the new king, but it was almost twenty years before he actually started leading Israel. That doesn’t mean he didn’t lead at all, in fact, he learned some of his greatest leadership skills before he ever led where he had been anointed to lead.

My advice to you is, lead where you’re needed. There might be some things you need to learn before you ever get to where God has anointed you to go. Don’t ever stop learning and continue to be a student wherever you are. You can learn a lot as long as you’re willing to be taught.

I will close my lesson tonight with what I will refer to as a Donald Trump scripture I found in Proverbs.

Proverbs 12:1 (NKJV)
Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid.

I love this scripture because it’s plain and directed to leaders. It’s also not politically correct like many things that Mr Trump says…LOL. However…it’s true.

I will leave you with three great questions from this scripture that you need to answer as a leader.

  • Do you love instruction?
  • Do you love receiving knowledge?
  • Do you hate being corrected?

Your honesty in how you answer these could determine your destiny.

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