Leaders must never forget that it is a privilege to be asked to lead. It is not an entitlement, it is a blessing and one of the greatest blessings is to have people who are willing to follow. No matter how big your dreams and goals are, you’ll never get there without people who believe in you and are willing to go where you’re taking them. Whether you are a worship leader, teacher, student pastor or lead pastor, you should strive to inspire those that are with you. Remember…they don’t have to follow you. Manipulation and guilt tripping are the signs of a dictator, not a true leader. Whatever area people are talented in, they want to use that talent to make a difference and they want to be led by a leader who encourages them and challenges them to be better. This is a great responsibility for every leader. Embrace the privilege of leadership. You should love what you’re leading, but love who you are leading even more.


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