A gap is defined as, a break in continuity. It’s an incredible opening or space between two solid objects or surfaces or in something solid. In other words, it’s something that is broken and incomplete. An example of a gap is a missing wood post in a fence. This would mean the fence could not fulfill what it was built for because of the missing post or the gap. No matter how strong it was suppose to be, the gap has caused it to become weak and vulnerable.

Whatever fills that gap is extremely important because it brings completion to what is broken. It’s the bridge that provides access from one place to the next. Imagine if the bridge was not there or if the fence post was never placed. Suddenly, what seems so insignificant, becomes amazingly important. Your perspective totally changes when you think about living without what fills the gap. When you look at it now, you realize, you’ve probably taken what fills the gap for granted. You cross the bridge as if it has always been there. I would say you’ll never look at a fence the same way again.

There is so much pressure on what fills the gap and brings completion to what is broken. The weight is enormous, but it’s existence is imperative. What it carries becomes its purpose. It connects what could never be connected, but that’s why it’s there and that’s why it is needed. Whatever stands in that gap has to be incredibly strong within itself because so many other things are depending it. If the stress of the weight causes it to fail, there will be a domino affect of failure in so many other places.

The reason that I’m talking about what fills the gap is because I know so many people that are gap-fillers. They are the bridge or the fence post. They provide completion to what is broken. They make things run more smoothly in the office. They bring a calm to wherever they are, even if they don’t say much. They may not be leading a specific department, but without them, there would be chaos. Their purpose is not in a title, but in a role.

You know who you are and you know how much strength it takes to fill that gap each and every day. You feel the stress of the weight, but quitting is not in your vocabulary…that’s one of the many reasons you’re a gap-filler. Many times people take you for granted because they’ve gotten use to you filling the gap. However, if you’re not there…you’ll end up being contacted. Sometimes people don’t realize your importance until you’re not there.

The purpose for my blog today is to encourage every gap-filler. To all of you that feel the weight of standing in the gap, I know you must be tired from carrying such a heavy load and you need to know someone is thinking about you and praying for you. You probably feel like you’re not making a difference, but I can promise that you are. You spend so much time encouraging others but not many take the time to encourage you. This blog’s for you. These words are written because I want you to know how important you are.

So, go be the bridge…be the fence post…fill the role that connects you to your purpose. Do what you do whether you feel like or not, but know that someone was thinking about you today and God is going to strengthen you to carry what seems like more than you can handle. You are stressed, but you are blessed and God has ordered your steps, so walk in them and go fill the gap.

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