Talent is defined as: a special ability that allows someone to do something well. You know who they are, and maybe you’re one of them. They stand out on any team because what many work so hard to accomplish, it just comes natural to them. Teaching and training was too boring, so they simply excelled without taking the time to even understand exactly what they do…they just do it and it seems to work. With little time invested, they can put something amazing together. It’s just in them and it flows out of them. Simply stated…they’re talented.

You can ride that wave for some time, but the danger is what can eventually happen. You can find yourself leaning more on your gift than God. You were so good for so long, but you got to the place you didn’t need the Lord to help you. Maybe you felt like, why should I pray about something I’m good at? After a while, you’ll find yourself with a gift, but no relationship with God. You see, talent will only take you so far. You may be successful, but there is a difference in being successful and being blessed. King Saul was successful, but his life wasn’t blessed, because he relied on his talent more than his relationship with God. He might have made it to the palace, but he never made it to the Kingdom.

If you are gifted and talented, then you are very well aware of it. You know what it is in your life that just comes natural without much effort at all. To avoid becoming like King Saul I would suggest two things.

1. Never Forget That Your Talent Comes From God.

By doing this you are recognizing that even though you get to operate in that talent, you are not the source of it. When you pray to God, you’re not asking Him to help you perform that talent, but you are thanking Him that you have the privilege to use it for His Kingdom.

2. Use Your Talent For His Glory, Not Yours.

What has been given to you has been trusted with you. God is placing confidence in you that you will use this talent to bring Praise and Glory to Him. You will no doubt enjoy some success from where you’re gifted, but make sure you’re directing people to Jesus THROUGH you and not just TO you. I’m reminded of John The Baptist, who the Bible says was the voice of one crying in the wilderness. His message was simple: Listen to me, but follow Jesus. Our message and agenda must be exactly the same. Listen to me, but follow Jesus. I’m nothing more than a voice, but He is the Lamb of God. I can lead you, but He can change you.

Take some time to reevaluate what your talent is. Before your step in the spotlight again and showcase your ability, remind yourself, talent will only take you so far. It might take you to the palace, but it won’t get you to the Kingdom.

39 thoughts on “THE DANGER OF TALENT

  1. A wonderful blog with two very powerful sentences in it. “He might have made it to the palace, but he never made it to the Kingdom.” As well as, “Listen to me, but follow Jesus.” Such a powerful and needed message for this generation.

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