I’m sure you will get up today and go through your daily routine. Get dressed, make the coffee, maybe grab a quick bite to eat, and then you’re on your way. Your daily groove may look a little different, but you understand what I’m saying. You get everything together, and then you’ll do what you’re used to doing every week. Since it’s Friday, you’re going to want the day to hurry and be over with, so the weekend can start. For that reason, you’re probably moving a little faster.

My only suggestion to you would be for you not to forget how important you potentially are to those around you. Don’t get so busy in the bustle that you pass an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Make time for morning prayer and devotion to God. Before you face the day, make sure you’re prepared to help someone else that might be struggling with an issue. Anything from a friendly smile to a kind word could help bring change to an individual going through a hard time. Don’t just try and get through this day; make an impact on it. You never know what someone could be dealing with. Whether it’s a co-worker or a stranger at the store; be sensitive to needs that are beyond yours.

So, walk a little slower, listen more intently, pay closer attention, and ask God to help you make an impact on a day that you had planned just to get through.

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