It’s the dead end of where two walls meet. The stopping point for anything caught in it. You can’t go any further once you’re there. This is why we hear the famous phrase, “I’m Backed Into A Corner”. This saying is defined like this:
To be forced into a difficult situation which you have little control over.

Many times when I’m writing, I try to visualize what I’m talking about. In this instance, I couldn’t help but see the old cartoon of Tom and Jerry on one of their famous cat and mouse chases. I can just see Tom running after Jerry and finally getting that little mouse backed into a corner and just when Tom thinks he’s got him cornered, Jerry discovers a way out of no way.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like my life has so much in common with Jerry. Running here and there, trying to find a way out of so many situations. That mean ole cat keeps chasing me and will not let up!!! After so long, I just get tired of running and then I find myself backed into a corner, with no way out. As crazy as it sounds, I can somehow hear the theme music to the Tom and Jerry show playing as I’m typing.

Truthfully, sometimes I feel like God allows us to get chased or backed into a corner. You may ask, why would He do that? One of the reasons, is because that saying means you now have no control. There are times that God can only take over when we’re at a dead end. There is a big difference in someone praying when they realize they are out of options. I could start a list of names from people in the Bible who experienced the corner. We could visit Joseph in the bottom of a well or Moses standing at a Red Sea. We could look at David standing in front of a giant or Hannah praying for God to give her a baby. Check out Simon Peter locked up in a prison cell or John the Revelator left alone on an island. There are countless names, but they all have one thing in common…they were all backed into a corner and knew that only God could bring them out.

You have either been there, or you’re there right now. If this is your current situation, maybe God is allowing this to happen because He wants you to let Him take control. You’ve been trying to fix it yourself, but it’s not working and it won’t. Give this situation to God and I promise you, He will not leave you in the corner. Sometimes He waits for a situation to become impossible before He shows up, because you can’t fix impossible. Once He makes a way, out of no way, you will look back and say, “Only God Could Have Delivered Me Out Of That”. Come on, give it to Him…it’s time for you to get out of “THE CORNER”!!!

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