We have awakened to the horrific news about two deadly shootings in our Nation — one in El Paso, the other in Dayton, Ohio. After hearing the first report from El Paso, my wife said to me. I’m starting to be afraid for our kids to go anywhere, and to be in a large crowd. I agreed and shook my head as we sat in complete shock of what happened, and what is happening to our Country.

From the White House to every political branch in our land, they are going to try their best to figure out what to do. In the coming days, you will hear all kinds of opinions about what should happen and how to solve this disease of violence in America.

I don’t claim to have the solution to the problem, but I do offer this challenge. It’s my opinion that THE CHURCH has no other choice but to seek the face of God in these troubled times. We are out of options. Thank God for our programs, our progression, and our involvement in our communities. All of that is extremely important. However, nothing will take the place of God’s people dropping to their knees and boldly approaching the throne of God. There is no alternative, no recourse, and no other option. The Church that has been bought by the blood of Jesus, filled with His Spirit, and called by His name has no other choice but to pray.

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