Life is crazy and most of us are extremely busy. So many things to do and seemingly not enough time to get it all done. With everything going on, how do you find time to work in the Kingdom of God? If you’re struggling to complete your own projects, why volunteer in your church? Some take the approach, when things slow down, then they’ll get involved with helping. Once the kids are grown…after my new business gets off the ground or when I finish my degree, I’ll volunteer. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are extremely important. However, I don’t think you have to wait to serve in the Kingdom.

The truth is, Jesus made it perfectly clear where our priorities should be. While teaching His disciples, Jesus said, “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. Jesus knew they would be busy, but He wanted them to understand the blessing of first. It wasn’t that He didn’t expect them to work and raise a family, He just wanted to be placed first in their lives.

Jesus is not asking for all of our time, He’s asking that we put Him before anything else in our lives. He promises to bless us when we put Him first. I look back in the Old Testament and find where He didn’t ask for all of their money, but He asked for the tithes, which were the first fruits. Notice what He tells His people.

Malachi 3:10
Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
That there may be food in My house,
And try Me now in this,”
Says the Lord of hosts,
“If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
And pour out for you such blessing
That there will not be room enough to receive it.

I think it’s amazing that He promises to open up the windows of heaven and give them a blessing and all they had to bring Him was the first 10% of what they had. He blesses the 90% when you bring Him the first 10%. It’s the blessing of first. It’s saying, Jesus, before I do anything else, I’m giving you my first fruits. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength. Make Him the first thing you love, allow Him to be your very first thought and your first amount of energy daily. Not all…just first.

It’s the difference of living through His Kingdom versus living around His Kingdom. It’s choosing sacrifice over convenience. It’s making sure I don’t make a move without considering His Kingdom and how it will be affected. It’s being determined to not make any decisions without praying, fasting and seeking Godly council. According to the teachings of Jesus, this is Kingdom Culture.

I would encourage you to take a close look at where you’re spending your time. Figure out what percentage of your time you’re giving to God on a daily and weekly basis. Don’t let church attendance become an option…make sure it’s a first priority for you and your family. Don’t put prayer and Bible reading in the, “If I have time” category. Get up a little earlier and make it first. I promise you that the blessings of God will be so abundant in your life that you won’t even be able to contain all of them.

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