Our President has declared today as a National Day Of Prayer for the people of Texas that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. A week ago, tens of thousands were preparing for the worst natural disaster they had ever experienced, and quite possibly the worst in history. The pictures and videos we’ve witnessed this week have been unbelievable. Homes, businesses, and churches were severely damaged and many destroyed. Somehow in the midst of it all, we also saw people coming together and helping each other. You didn’t hear about racism, and even politics took a back seat as caring for one another was the top story.

To the people of Texas, we’ve watched in amazement as you have taught the world that humanity can still rise above tragedy and heartbreak by loving and leaning on each other. Thank you for showing us hope in more ways than one. As you rebuild your lives, we will stand with you in our support and prayers. While you are sifting through the rubble, just know, you have an army of prayer warriors lifting you up in prayer. This day is for you!!!

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