Today is Thursday, and in the social media world you will see the hashtag tbt which stands for “Throw-Back-Thursday.” It means you post a picture from your past followed by the hashtag, and everyone gets a kick out of looking at something from years back. Well, I wanted to write about that this morning. I don’t have any pictures from my past to post or any that I want to share, but there is something about this day I think several ought to participate in.

I’ve witnessed God deliver so many people from burdens and problems that were weighing them down, even to the point of destroying their lives. The list would be too long to name, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Jesus said, “He that the son sets free, is free indeed.” In Christ, there is no partial freedom, only complete freedom. Once He delivers you, the chains are broken, and you are free.

The problem I see with many people is after a period of time; they tend to go back to what they had already been delivered from. You can’t blame God for something that you return to, and unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen to a lot. Maybe you’re guilty this morning. Perhaps you find yourself going back to the same habits God has already delivered you from. I’m not just talking about physical habits, but mental ones also. It’s a broad range from drug addiction to stress and anxiety. No matter what it is, you were set free from it, and you’ve picked it back up.

I’m sure you feel regretful and are wondering what to do. Well, that is exactly why I wanted to write about this topic. You need to get rid of the burdens and weight your carrying. You need to THROW-IT-BACK to where it belongs. Cast off what you’re not supposed to have on your shoulders. You’ve already been delivered from it before, now THROW-IT-BACK. This is not just any day; this is “THROW-IT-BACK-THURSDAY!!!” It’s not about your pictures from the past, but I do want you to see an image from your past when you were free, and make up in your mind, you shall be free again!!!


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