Every Sunday I always request prayer about a specific need or topic. Sometimes its physical pain, other times it’s more internal struggles. I wasn’t able to do that yesterday because while driving back to Nashville on Saturday night, we had a tire to blow out on our camper. My cousins, Lucian and Nikki Linkous, were following us, and they saw it happen, but we were unaware anything was wrong. Thank the Lord they were behind us. We pulled over, and sure enough, a tire had blown, and there wasn’t much of it left. Because of the busy traffic on Interstate 40, I drove our vehicle and camper very slow to an exit nearby and waited in a service station parking for Good Sam roadside assistance to help us. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to come that late, but thank the Lord there was a campground behind where we were parked, so we pulled in there for the night. It wasn’t a KOA or a resort campground, in fact, it looked more like a scene from “The Walking Dead, ” but this pistol-packing family pulled in and spent the night. You don’t want to mess with a Livingston tired and ticked in the middle of the night…Zombies included…LOL.

We got our campers hooked up, and we ended up getting a good night’s rest. Roadside assistance showed up, and a nice gentleman replaced our tire and made sure we had the proper amount of air in the other tires. We got packed up and left the “Mad Max Campground” and headed straight to eat some breakfast. Without going into a lot of details, we pulled into a Cracker Barrel and the way the parking lot was situated; it put my vehicle and camper in a difficult position. The front of the camper hit the right rear window of our truck, therefore producing a loud sound which was the breaking of the window. Once we realized what had happened, we were first of all thankful that our kids were ok, then we stopped to assess the damage. My cousin Lucian taped up the window and after eating breakfast, we finally got on the road headed for Nashville.

The rest of the trip went pretty smooth, and we made it home around 4 pm. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure, but we all agreed, things could have been a lot worse. Through it all, God kept His hand on us, and we all returned home safe and sound.

I said all of that to let you know why I wasn’t able to blog about “Sunday’s Prayer.” However, I would like to do that today. With what all happened to us, I couldn’t help but think about so many people that travel doing the work of God in the ministry. I have friends that are evangelists, and others that are singers who travel every week spreading the Gospel. I would like for you to join me in a prayer for their safety. Not only for the ones in the United States but also our Christian Missionaries who travel and share the Gospel. The Bible tells us that Blessed are the feet of those who carry the Word of God, and I want us to pray for their safety. I am praying they arrive safely at their next revival, concert, or event. Lord, keep your hand of protection on them and their family as they do your will.

If you know someone, personally that travels in the ministry, contact them and let them know you’re praying for them. Say their names specifically in your prayer, and ask God not only to keep them protected but also to place a fresh anointing on their ministry. Whether it’s a bus, trailer, or any other kind of vehicle, it’s a part of their ministry, and we want all of them to be free from harm and danger.

If you are reading this, and you’re someone that travels in ministry, thank you for your sacrifice, and be encouraged because myself and many others are praying for you today.

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