Would you join me in a prayer today for those who need strength? I am referring to both physical and spiritual. As I sit with my mom each day in the hospital, there is a team of physical therapists that come in and help her with a few exercises daily to build up her strength. What was easy for her two months ago is exceptionally challenging now, so I pray for God to give her strength to walk and do many other things again that she use to be able to do. I know she’s not the only one today that is needing help in that area. Many others are recovering from diverse situations and need our prayers.

It’s not only physical strength that someone is lacking, but I believe there are a lot of people needing spiritual strength as well. Maybe their faith is weak, or perhaps the trial they’re going through is wearing them down to a shallow point. It could also be someone that has recently endured a storm, and even though they are out of that condition, it took all of their energy just to survive. There are so many things that I could write about that can cause us to become weak and weary, but no matter what the reason is, we need to pray for God to provide strength to each one in need today.

If you’re that person, let me encourage you with this. Instead of focusing on what made you weak, put your faith in the one that can lift you up today and restore your strength. It doesn’t matter how you got here, what’s important is moving away from here. Lift up your head and be inspired because somebody is praying for you and your health, energy, and strength is coming back.


JOEL 3:10


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