Today’s prayer might be personal, but since my mother is in ICU and knowing what my family is dealing with, and watching other families with loved ones in there too, I want “SUNDAY’S PRAYER” to be for all of us. Thank God for the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT and the wonderful people that work there. However, it’s such a ride of emotions when you have a loved one or close friend in that condition. There are moments of hope, and then there are those times when things look grim.

I’m not only requesting prayer for my mother but let’s join together in a prayer for others that are currently in the same condition. Let’s, not just pray for the one in ICU, but also the families that are connected. We pray for the will of God to be done, and we pray that He would give strength to those who are losing sleep, possibly missing work, and just trying to handle each wave of emotion that is hitting them.

I had a close friend contact me yesterday and let me know that his mother was in the ICU as well, and she was unresponsive. I immediately started praying for his mother and the family, but I know there are others in the same condition and I want us to combine our prayers today for healing.

My mother is about the same, but the truth is, she needs a miracle. I’m sure we’re not the only family in this situation. As we join together in this prayer, I’m believing for God to lead and guide all of us through this valley and reveal His will.

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