Would you join me today in a prayer for many who are suffering from chronic back pain? Whether it’s a work-related injury, a car accident, or something that has developed over time. You may be facing surgery or possibly have already had one more in the past. Either way, you’re praying about this decision for another one while trying to endure the pain. For some, this condition is affecting you financially because you’re not able to work. There could even be someone that has lost their job because of it. Several challenging circumstances are a result of this problem, and I want to pray for God to step in and perform a miracle.

If it’s you or you know someone that is suffering from chronic back pain, let’s say their name in prayer today as we call on the name of Jesus. I have a member of my church that needs this prayer, and I’m sure you have one or many that are in this condition too. Whether it’s the top, middle or lower back, right now in the name that is above every name, we ask you, Lord, to bring healing to those who are excruciating pain. Dear God, I am starting the prayer with this post, and as others join in, we agree together that your healing power will touch many throughout this day. IN JESUS NAME!!!

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