We must never lose the feeling of amazement by God’s awesomeness. His presence must remain irreplaceable in our lives. The devil will try his best to convince you that he can offer something that will match God’s greatness, but don’t be fooled by his lies and deception. Eve was deceived by the attraction of one tree, and it cost her and Adam an entire garden. Don’t let the allurement of one tree cause you to lose all the incredible things God has for you. As long as we can stand in awe of God’s power, we will remain safe in His care.

This is one of the reasons I stay faithful to the church and enjoy every opportunity of being in the atmosphere of His Glory. Like a sponge, I soak up every second of singing, praising, and hearing His Word. I don’t ever want to get comfortable or content being in the absence of His presence. Nothing compares or even comes close, so why try and search for something that I know will never complete my life the way His power does. I stand and stay in amazement of God’s awesomeness!!!

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