I was eating at waffle house yesterday and my close friend, Joseph Reed texted me and said congratulations. I text back ????? He replied you, Marcia Henry and Ratchel McCutchen have nominated for bluegrass/country/ roots song of the year. And that point and just about spit out my country ham and eggs!!! Within the next few minutes, I started getting other texts and phone calls from my friends and family congratulating me. Thank you all for being so kind to my amazing co-writing friends and me. I’ll never forget the day we wrote that song. We were actually in a little white church house. Marcia told us how she always wanted to write a song about the church she grew up in, and I could see how much that meant to her. We had written two other songs and had a few minutes left, and I said Marcia, let’s write your song. Wow, we had so much fun writings lyrics that connected each of us to backgrounds of being raised in the church.

Thanks to Doug Anderson for knocking it out of the park on vocals and for Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey, and Kevin Ward for believing in the song and inviting me to be a part of such a great team of writers.

It’s also really cool that my kids think I’m famous…hahahahaha!!!

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