As many you know, for the last year, my family travels back and forth from Nashville to Bristol each month. We purchased a travel trailer to take with us when we’re in Bristol to stay in. Sometimes we leave a few days early and stay at a campground to rest and get ready for the work ahead. We love camping!!! We even get to camp with family and friends from time to time. One of the things my wife made sure all of us had was a battery powered lantern. At night, it gets really dark at the campground we stay at, so it’s important to have light.

The amazing thing to me is, the darker it gets, the greater each light we have becomes. It’s not that the light itself has gotten more powerful, but the increased darkness causes the light to be even brighter. The path starts getting clearer, and others can see it too and can find there way with just one bright beam.

We try and keep each light in a specific place, so when night comes, we know where to find it. It’s hard to find something in the dark.

The Bible lets us know that we are living in a dark, sinful time. The fact is, it’s getting darker. We preach about it, sing about it, and even go to social media and write about it. You don’t have to announce when it’s time; the darkness lets it be known. You can go ahead and talk about the times we’re living in, or you can remind people that we are the light of the world. Instead of telling everyone of what to run from, why don’t we shine our light and tell them what to run to?

The church doesn’t have any more or any less power than it ever has. However, as it gets darker on the outside, it will cause our light to become even greater. You might be surprised how many can find their way if we will just let our light shine.

Let’s stop announcing the darkness and start shining the light!!!

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