Today, my oldest daughter, Brittany LeAnn Potter, turns 25. I can still remember every detail about the day she came into this world and the incredible joy she brought into our lives. She was the only grandchild for several years and everyone tried to claim her as their little girl. “She’s Papaw Spencer’s girl”…”She’s Mamaw Joyce’s girl”…”She’s Nana’s girl”…”She’s Papaw Dean’s girl”…”She’s Mama’s girl”. The argument went on, but since I’m writing this, “She’s a Daddy’s Girl”!!!
The truth is, Brittany never made a difference in how she felt about anyone. She just made you feel like she was your girl. Even at 25, she’s still one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

There are so many things that I can write about her this morning, because she is so amazingly talented, but I’m going to choose one thing that means so much to me. As many of you know, Brittany is an incredible singer, musician and song writer. Her road to blessings and favor hasn’t even really begun yet, but it’s coming.

For several years now, Brittany has played the guitar and sang in our church beside me on stage. Her Mother stands on the other. We never planned this, but it’s just been how it is for some time now. She told me she feels more comfortable in our worship set knowing she’s next to me. When we moved into our new building, I told her she could move anywhere she wanted to because we had a lot more room on stage now. She’s probably as close to me now as she was in the old building where everything was so small and tight.

Every service, when I hear her play and sing, I couldn’t be more proud. She loves what she does and she is completely sold out to the work of God. All of those things make a Dad feel great, but where she stands on stage is where she’s always stood….. with me…..Right beside me. I can always count on her to be standing there with me. Not just in a worship song, but also in the rhythm of life. No matter where life has taken our family, I look to my right and she’s standing there.

I’ve shared the stage of life and ministry with a lot of people in the last several years and many of them have come and gone, but Brittany still stands beside me. We play the fast and the slow songs and she stands right with me. It doesn’t matter if she knows the song or needs me to teach it to her, she stands right beside me. Don’t get me wrong, I play and sing for the Lord, but nothing makes me and her mother happier than to know she’s standing with us.

There are a lot of things a child can do to show how much they love their parents, but for me, my little girl standing beside me all these years means everything to me. For some people, the price of loyalty is too high to pay, but not for Brittany. Her love and support in all the storms we’ve gone through for the last few years has been amazing. No matter how hard the wind is blowing, she’s standing beside me. Wherever the voice of God calls us, she’s standing beside me. It doesn’t matter if it’s 11:05 on Sunday morning or a valley I just entered…I look to my right and…she stands beside me.

Happy Birthday baby girl and thank you for not just being an awesome daughter, but for always standing beside me.


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