I’m sure you’ve heard and seen an advertisement for the ring, motion-activated doorbell. You’ve probably seen the reports of how effective they are in protected areas where they cover. My wife wants us to get one right away for our new home. We’re also getting ready to install several security cameras at our church location. We have a first-class alarm system, but with cameras, it will make protecting our facility even better. When you have valuable things, and even personal items that you ‘can’t put a price on, you should want to safeguard them. The more important they are to you, the more you will want to secure them.

If we feel that way about physical things, then shouldn’t we feel the same way about spiritual things as well? We each have valuable gifts that have been given to us by the Father. Items and blessings that are priceless. There are also things that we have invested our time and prayers into. You see, not everything we have has been given; some came with a price. As we take inventory of our treasures, doesn’t it make sense to protect it? Build spiritual walls, set up boundaries, and establish an alarm system that makes you aware when an intruder is trying to break in. If what you have means something to you, then protect it.

So, when the enemy comes to steal your dreams, ministry, or blessings; make sure he is met by a locked door, and a loud, ear-piercing sound that forces him to flee. You’re the owner, and you have a right to protect what is yours.

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