Do you remember the first time you came to an altar and gave your life to Jesus? I know I certainly do. That’s a night we will never forget. As conviction began to grip our hearts, a desire came over us to receive what we were told Jesus had waiting for us. Yes, it was a life-changing moment when we took those few steps to the altar.

So what did you do after that? You may be wondering why I’m asking that question, but for many people, they think that’s it. They went to the altar, got saved, and that’s it. When you come to the Jesus for the first time, you are receiving salvation. His love was drawing you, His mercy forgave you, and His grace saved you. That’s salvation! But my question is, what did you do once you received it?

We could never repay Him for salvation, but I do believe we can offer something back to show how thankful we are for what He did in our lives. Our repayment should be our dedication to Him and His Word. If we are grateful for grace, let us show it by offering ourselves as a living sacrifice unto Him. We should walk away from the altar with not only a feeling of gratitude but also a commitment to whatever He would have us do.

Salvation is what we’ve received from God; Dedication is what we offer back to God.

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