The word restore means to bring back to a former condition. It involves rebuilding, refurbishing, replacing, re-establishing,  and rehabilitating. Ask anyone that has restored a house or an old car, and they will tell you, it is not easy work. It takes vision, time, and patience to start and finish the job. Not everyone can do it because not everyone can see it. Some people can’t look at something in a broken condition and see it new again. Many would say tare that building down, or smash that vehicle; it’s not worth the time and money it would take to restore it. However, for some, restoration is not an option. Sure, they might count the cost, not to try and decide what they’re going to do, but to understand the investment. They don’t just see it like it is; they see it renewed. Depending on who they are, some can remember how it looked in the beginning.

My dad was a piano restorer, and he would teach us the importance of every step in the restoration process. You can’t just repaint a piano; you have to strip every piece and take everything back to a place where you can really begin restoring it. Dad wouldn’t cut corners; he would repair them. I remember when I first started working for him, I would bring him something I was working on and ask, do you think this one is finished? One key thing he would have us do is take a piece of the piano and hold it up in the light. No matter if you thought it was finished, the light would reveal everything. For the piano body itself, he would bring the light to it and see if the work was complete. You see, for my dad, restoration was not an option; it was a must.

If something needs to be restored, then it has drifted from its original condition. Why don’t you examine yourself today and be honest enough to figure out if you have strayed from where you once were in God. Has your prayer life started to slip? Are you as faithful to church and the things of God that you use to be? Do you still have the same passion for ministry that you had in the beginning? If you have drifted at all, please don’t just ignore it, restore it. Don’t tear down the house, rebuild it. Bring the light to the piano and let revelation begin. There might be some that have given up, but there are still people who believe in complete restoration. Be determined, have your mind made up, and pay whatever the cost will be in getting things back to their original condition. When you get finished reading this, I want you to feel like; RESTORATION IS NOT AN OPTION; IT’S A MUST!!!

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