If you prayed for it and you planned for it, then you better be ready for it. Don’t ask God to give you something that you aren’t preparing for when it happens. If it’s personal, then take on that responsibility, you need to have yourself ready. Reading, training, seeking counsel, and the list goes on. It’s just what you have to do when it’s personal. Whether it’s your health, your education, your job, or even your ministry, investing time in what you want will pay off when it comes to pass. My advice is to be ready for the opening. When the opportunity happens, you need to be ready to go. There are some things you’ll not be able to do once the door opens, and if you try and go back, you’ll end up frustrated. Prepare now so you can enjoy walking through what will eventually open.

If you’re a leader, this requires another level of preparation. You not only have to be ready personally, but you have to make sure your team is ready too. It will start with a vision, and people love seeing what you want and anticipate happening. But the vision only gets you mentally ready for what is going to happen. The vision gives your team a target for both mind and body. The team has to feel good about what’s coming, but they also have to be ready for it. That’s on you, the leader. They can never accomplish what you haven’t prepared them for. So, think outside yourself and make sure you have your team ready. The only thing worse than personal frustration is when the ones you lead don’t feel prepared and are discouraged with a lack of leadership.

You prayed, and you planned, but are you prepared?

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