Because I pastor two churches, it’s our week to be in Bristol, VA. We have a travel trailer that me, my wife, and three of our kids that we home-school, take with us and stay in while we’re here. We got in late last night and didn’t have time to get everything set up the way we wanted it. If you own any type of RV, then you’ll understand what I’m getting ready to say. Our camper isn’t level yet. Here in the next few minutes, I’ll have to go outside and go through the process of getting it to that place. For now, it’s affecting how we walk, some of the doors stay open, and even a few of the drawers won’t remain shut. You should have seen me stumbling around in the dark trying to make coffee earlier this morning. Needless to say, nothing feels right because we’re not level or out of balance.

As I was walking sideways to the couch, I couldn’t help but think about how some people live their lives this way. Spiritually, they’re unbalanced. The Bible refers to it as being unstable. Instead of everything in their life being level, the weight is not distributed evenly, and therefore things start coming loose and undone. What’s sad is, instead of taking the time and going through the process of creating balance, they choose to just ignore it and learn to live with the way things are. It probably didn’t feel right in the beginning, but now it’s a way of life, and they’ve learned to exist unbalanced.

You might be wondering how to get your life back in balance. My advice to you would be, make sure you are faithful to the church. Listen to the Word of God, read it for yourself, and make sure you do not just hear it, but you obey what it says. Your education, job, and even hobbies are important, just don’t allow yourself to start leaning too much on them. Without even realizing it, life can merely cause things to get out of balance, and we have to stop and take the time to go through the process of getting things level again. Don’t get comfortable with the way things are. I promise that you’ll be glad you did.

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