Maybe it’s one of those days.
Maybe you don’t feel like facing what’s ahead.
Maybe it’s a recent hurt or a reminder of what happened in your past.
Maybe you’d like a do-over day and forget this one.
Maybe _____________________ (you fill in the blank.)

Honestly, sometimes our specific issues can get the best of us and cause us to want to check out. Believe me, I understand. No matter what load you’re carrying, at times, it can just get too heavy. Whether you’ve been thinking about it for a while, or something caused you to remember it; somehow it got in your head, and you can’t seem to get it out.

I’m going to encourage you while I encourage myself today. We’re all human, and certain things are going to bother us. We have the power to forgive, but we’re not able to forget. That makes it difficult in the process of overcoming. Here’s my advice. Take some time, but don’t waste a whole day. Your memory is not like a switch that you can turn it off and on. It’s hard to get over hurts and things that have affected your life. You can’t just drive those thoughts out of your mind, so let them in, but don’t let them stay. Allow it to be a passing thought and not a remaining one. You can’t keep it from getting in, but you can keep it from staying there.

Each day we live is a blessing from God, and you don’t want to waste all of it on something that is going to keep you from reaching a goal. We should have personal, daily goals, and we need to understand that God has a daily plan for our lives as well. Don’t let an interruption in a day, mess up your entire day. Take some time, but don’t take a day.

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