Well, today I am celebrating 49 years on this earth. My celebration level, on a scale from 1-10 is probably a 5. That level seems to go down a little each year when it probably should go up. When I turned 25, I partied because the cost of my auto insurance went down, only to be offset by the increase rate of life insurance as I get older. They tell me, in a few years I’ll be able to save money on coffee. Wow, that gives me something to look forward to 🙄🙄🙄

I have one more year left in my forties, and I have discovered so many things since I’ve been in this decade, and I would love to share some of those discoveries with you.


I’ve learned the importance of reading glasses, and the difference in 1.25 and 1.50

I’ve also discovered that my body doesn’t want to recover as fast as it use to.

I’ve learned the greatness of a nap in the afternoon, but that might be because I usually wake up around 5 am.

I’ve discovered the real meaning of true friends and friendship. I don’t have time to waste on people that are fake and only want to use their relationship with you for personal gain. No thank you, and at 49, no apologies!!!

Eating healthy sucks, and exercise hurts, but they’re both imperative!!!

A family is priceless, especially the ones that completely understand it’s worth and value.

Comparing yourself with others is dangerous and an unfair way to evaluate yourself.

Stress less, have more fun and get in the bed early because you never know what the next day is going to bring.

Kiss your wife and let her know you love her daily, and make sure your kids know that you are their biggest supporter.

Save money, fight for lower taxes but be careful who you talk politics with, especially on social media.


I have a few more things I could share with you, but I think I’ll end it there. I am grateful for my life and the amazing family God has blessed me with. As I start to conclude another decade of my life, I want to increase my knowledge of God and continue to help people find Him and grow in His Grace. I am still in awe of His greatness and feel so unworthy to be called to preach His word.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog about some things I have learned and discovered in my 40s!

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