So many people talk about going to the next level, but very few make it. It sounds good, but the reality is, it doesn’t feel good. There is nothing easy about taking what you do for God, to a whole new level. To get there, you will have to endure challenges, bumps and bruises. It will require you to give it everything you have. You’re in for a fight, but once you arrive, you’ll look back and say, “It Was Worth It”!!!

Maybe you’re not there yet, so let me encourage you as you climb, to not give up. Though you are facing extreme opposition, the enemy is afraid of what God is going to do through you, once you make it to that next level. This is exactly why you are having to deal with certain things currently. Gather up all of your strength and energy and stay in this fight. I promise you…you’ll be glad you did.

Stop talking about the next level and start fighting to get there!!!

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