Imagine being on a journey and not knowing where you’re going, when all of a sudden, the water supply runs out. Well, that’s exactly where the Israelites were in Exodus chapter 17. I’m sure you’re familiar with this story and you remember how the Lord miraculously delivered them from slavery and promised to take them to a brand new land. Not just a new land, but a new season of blessings, too many to count. This is what they were promised and they were anticipating the incredible transition in their lives. However, they didn’t know that not too long after leaving Egypt they would run out of water.

The Bible says they began to complain. Honestly, I’m sure most of us would do the same thing if we didn’t know where we were going and we found ourselves without water. God not only promised them a new land, but He also promised to provide whatever they needed for the journey…He just didn’t tell them how. God spoke to Moses and commanded him to do something that sounded crazy. God said, “Strike The Rock”. Moses took the staff in his hand and did what God told him to do. As soon as he did, water began to flow from that rock. Not just enough water, but more than enough to sustain for several days. They were amazed at this miracle.

As great as it was, think about what happened. Water from a rock? How does that happen? Water isn’t suppose to come from a rock. Why didn’t God just cause it to come up from the ground or lead them to a body of water somewhere? Why a rock?

I think God was teaching them to expect the impossible from the most unlikely places. He showed them that sometimes what you need will come from places you never thought would produce it. You expect water in a stream or from a well, but you would never anticipate it coming from a rock and that’s what God wanted them to learn. He was teaching them that sometimes He’ll lead you to the well or to the stream, but there may be times He just wants them to look for water where they would never expect it to be.

This kinda sounds like our journey. We’ve been set free by God’s amazing power and we’re traveling to a land that has been promised to us. However, there have been times on this journey when we run out of water. I’m not necessarily talking about natural water, but things we need to continue on. Sometimes we run out of essentials that are a part of our living. I guess the word I’m looking for is resources, which are not just our wants, but our needs.

Let me encourage you today, that God will provide whatever you need to make it all the way to the land He’s promised you. Your resources are coming and your needs will be met, I just don’t know where it will come from. I know you want to complain, but instead, start expecting water from a rock. Anticipate what you need, coming from a place you would never expect. God doesn’t need a well to give you water and He doesn’t have to lead you to a stream to give you provision. You may be surprised at where your next water supply is getting ready to come from.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you work, God wants you to learn how to expect the impossible from the most unlikely places. Stop freaking out about your problem and start looking for water. You don’t even have to look for the rock, just expect water from wherever He wants to send it. Face this day with a new outlook on your situation. Whether you’re a Pastor, missionary, evangelist, business owner, employee, college student or a single mom, God hasn’t forgotten you and He’s already picked out a rock…your water supply is on it’s way!

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  1. I like tjhe name of our church,River Church, because I feel like it is like a “river of living water”

  2. The Eaglewoman – dudes, i’ve had to revive her, like, three times SOOO delsih! they even sell some frozen in little zip lock bags. perfect for random guests and late night cravings!

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