We’re watching the season begin to change here in Tennessee. The leaves are starting to turn and the evenings are getting darker sooner. It’s changing, and some like it, while others are not too fond of it. Seasons not only change where we live, but also where we lead, and when it happens, not everyone is happy with it.

As a leader, I want to be the best that I possibly can, but I’ve learned that I can’t lead anyone in a season that I haven’t been through myself. Sometimes we have to live through a season so we will know how to lead through it. It’s easier to guide people when you’re in a season where you know what to expect. The element of surprise should happen when you’re through a season, not leading people through it.

You might just be in that place. God could be allowing you to go through this season to prepare you for who you will be leading the next time it comes around. I would encourage you not to let frustration keep you from learning the things you need to know to help you remember how to get through it. This time is for learning, the next time is for leading, and you can’t lead where you’ve never been.

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