I have spent this week writing about leadership. It’s a subject that I love reading and talking about. To finish up this week, I would like to ask every leader a few questions.

1. Are you willing to admit when you’re wrong?

2. How do you respond to criticism?

3. Is it ok if someone has a better idea than you on your team?

4. How would your followers rate your communication to them?

5. What do you do after you cast vision?

6. Do your actions reflect what you say?

7. Do your followers feel valued by you?

8. Did you grow as a leader last year?

9. What things do you need to work on this year to be a better leader?

10. How have you allowed disappointments to affect your leadership?

11. What are you currently reading?

12. What is your greatest frustration?

13. Do you have people that you allow to speak into your life?

14. Are you reactive or proactive?

15. Do you get proper rest?


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