With out a doubt I know that every promise that the Lord gave us in His Word is true. There are enough of them to help us daily. Some days I love to read about His mercy, other days it encourages me to read about His love. Regardless of what I need, I can find a verse of promise that seems to get me through difficult circumstances. Sometimes I’ll even share a verse of promise with someone that I know needs uplifting and strength.

Today I read one of my favorite scriptures and it has put one word in my spirit.

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

The one word I draw from this passage is “KEPT”. God will keep me, which means no matter what I face, I am “KEPT”. If I keep my mind stayed on Him and trust His ways, I am “KEPT”. In the midst of grief, in the middle of the storm and even when I can’t see my way through, I am “KEPT”. Really, this is all I need to know and I can’t let a trial cause me to forget it. I may not know how God is going to do it, I just have to trust and believe that He’s going to do it. This battle may be bigger than me, but there is nothing bigger than Him and no matter what may come, I have this promise…I am “KEPT”.

Now, you go face the day with that promise.

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