I woke up this morning with two unread texts on my phone. The people that text me don’t know each other, and the live over five hundred miles apart. However, their messages to me were identical. They both had felt led by the Lord to pray for me and the heavy load I’m currently carrying. I sat in amazement as I began reading and comparing both texts. I thanked both of them from the bottom of my heart and let them know how much I loved and appreciated the encouraging words and prayers. Although nothing has changed with the burden I’m carrying; I have a renewed and inspired feeling with it all. God didn’t take away the load, but through the prayers of sensitive people, the overwhelming feeling has subsided, and I’m ready for what lies ahead.
Something else I found interesting was yesterday my blog was about building a prayer life and how important it was to have daily communication with God. Within twenty-four hours, I found out someone was praying for me. If I’m encouraged because of two precious people calling out my name in prayer, imagine what could happen if others were allowing that to happen with them. I think sometimes we tend to look at prayer as something we do when we have a personal need. But the truth is, praying not only helps us individually, but it allows the Spirit of God to move on us for the needs of others.
I hope everyone I am pastoring reads these words today. I’ve been preaching to the ones I lead about the importance of building a prayer life, and this is exactly what I want to happen in all of their lives, and others as well. When we get to the place that we are not distracted by our current problems, and we start focusing on our communication with God, He will not only speak to us, but He will also speak through us. You’ll reach a level where you not only know what the Lord is saying to you, but you can also hear what He wants to speak to others through you.
I’m encouraged today, and I want to encourage you to keep building your prayer life. You may be one that needs God to speak to you for direction and He will. Once that happens, don’t stop building because the guidance you need is only the beginning of what God wants to tell you.

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