As a Pastor I am constantly reminding the people I lead how important it is for us to reach the lost. We have a great responsibility and obligation to share the gospel with people who need Jesus. While I feel compelled to inspire my congregation to do that, I’m also reminded of another group of people who need saving as well. I’m referring to those like the prodigal son that Jesus talked about while on this earth. Those that have heard the gospel and even obeyed it, but for whatever reason they have decided to walk away from it. I don’t think they’ve stopped believing it, I just think something has caused them to stop embracing it.

If you remember the story of the prodigal, then you know that he didn’t stop loving his father and family, he just didn’t want to be there anymore. He thought real fun was outside of the boundaries he had lived inside all of his life. So the day came when he made the decision to stop guessing how life might be outside of his surroundings and just walk away from everything he knew. There was no talking him out of it. No matter what they would try and say to him, his wondering eyes were turning his heart in a different direction.

I’ve seen so many with the same intentions. I’ve tried to warn them and you have to, but their mind is made up and you can’t talk them out of it. They’re tired of the boundaries and the rules that go along with living and serving where they are. They want to be free to have fun and they think that will only happen outside of where they’ve always been. It’s hard to talk to someone like this because no matter what you say, their plans are to leave and you’re only delaying their departure.

It wasn’t long until the prodigal son figured out he had made a terrible mistake. Nothing turned out like he thought it would. Oh I’m sure at first things seem to be going great, but after a while it all changed and it always does. What started out as the journey of his life almost cost him his. Now he’s lying in the worst of conditions, realizing that things weren’t as bad at home as he had thought.

He began to reminisce about how life use to be and the more memories he thought of, the more he started missing home. I don’t know what all went through his mind or how long it took for him to decide to go back home. I do believe the enemy tried to talk him out of it. I think the enemy tried to convince him that it would just be too hard and too embarrassing to go back. Finally he made up his mind to just return. He wasn’t sure what his dad would say, but he was determined to JUST RETURN. He didn’t know how he would be treated by everyone, but all that mattered now was, JUST RETURN.

I don’t know who I’m writing for today, I just know what I was inspired to say. So, whether it’s you or someone you’re going to send the blog to, I hope somewhere between the lines who you hear the voice of your heavenly Father calling you home. I’m not sure where you are or why you left, because none of that matters now. The enemy is trying to tell you that you can’t do this, but I want to encourage you to JUST RETURN. You’ve probably got one hundred questions going through your mind about what to expect, but ignore the worry and JUST RETURN. I don’t know how everyone will respond, but all the really matters is one…the Father. I can promise you that it doesn’t matter to Him what you look like or where you’ve been. Just know that he has a ring waiting for you and a robe. And by the way…your room looks just like it did the day you left. Stand up, turn your heart toward home and JUST RETURN!!!

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  1. I have been going through this with hundreds of questions. This hit my heart at the perfect time. I am returning to my Jesus where I belong.

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