I woke up this morning thinking about how important yet how difficult the subject of forgiveness is. Maybe it’s just me, but forgiving a person that has caused me pain and heartache are not usually what causes me to think about the subject. It usually happens after going over the details of what they did to me; then I remind myself of what I should do. I’m sure that’s just me though.

Choosing not to forgive is like a person that is bound and has the ability to get loose, but refuses to. Knowing you’re shackled and chained is tormenting, but what’s worse is remaining in that condition because you won’t allow yourself to be delivered. Forgiveness is the key to liberty, and that’s all you have to do to break free, but so many times we choose being bound over becoming free.

I’m not saying it’s easy; I’m just saying it’s worth it. Holding onto hurt and waiting for your moment to get revenge will only keep you from the things that you need to be focused on in your life. The truth is, it’s keeping you bound. Your vision is limited, and your talent is lying dormant. While you spend your time thinking about what someone did to you, your creativity is being wasted. You need to be set free, and only you can do it. Yes, God will help you, but you hold the key…use it!!! I promise you; “IT’S WORTH IT”!!!

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