Well, we’re packing up for our Christmas Vacation in Michigan to be with our family. I’m sure many of you are doing the same thing or you’re getting ready to. Since we’ll be away from home on Christmas, we decided to open our gifts from each other tonight. Home Alone 2 is playing, while my wife is cooking in the kitchen. The kids have memorized almost word of this movie and they keep asking me, “Can we please open our gifts now”? Sorry to give you a play by play, but it’s just what we do.

So what do you all do? What movies do you watch? What’s your favorite Christmas album? What’s the candy you most look forward to eating? Come on now, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” It may be a “Silent Night,” but “Joy To The World”, our Lord has come and “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Jesus birth is what all of this is about. He came to save us and we rejoice because of that. I also see that He made sure He wasn’t alone when He came this earth. He could have chosen a lot of places to have been born and with all kinds of people. However, this uncommon King chose to be born into a common family. Yes salvation was in the manger, but a family is what was gathered around Him. His purpose was not just to save us, but also to teach us the value of family.

As you enjoy the season, I encourage you to reflect on Jesus’ birth, but also be reminded that He thought family was important enough for it to be a part of every aspect of His life. His mother birthed Him and raised Him. She was with Him at His death, His resurrection and His ascension. Family followed the Master every step of the way. I think He wanted us to know how important family really is.

Enjoy the Season with your family.


  1. Great blog! I love this time of year.
    Change one word of your title and my favorite Christmas song is playing in my mind. Of course the hard part is choosing between Bing, Michael, or Harry’s version.

  2. Andy: As you probably gesused, fashions in girls’ names change more quickly than those for boys. The distribution for girls is also broader — the top ten names account for a smaller percent of the total. For both sexes, variety and volatility are increasing. Florence stayed in the top 20 for four decades, maybe more (no data prior to the 1880s). Lisa was there for only 23 years. Where have all the Florences gone, long time passing?I think Baptiste Coulmont, who studies names in France (he also studies sex shops there) has some data showing that the faster they rise in popularity, the faster they fall (the names, not the sex shops). A name that shoots up to the top of the charts in a few years, like Madison, will soon fade. Check out the baby-name wizard which converts the census data to graphs.

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