In Matthew chapter fourteen we read the story of Jesus teaching a large group of people, and after being with them for several hours, they became hungry. When the disciples told the Lord about their hunger, Jesus replied; GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT. They looked at one another in complete confusion and doubt because there was no way they could go purchase food for so many people. When Jesus asked them what they had, their response was, we only have five loaves of bread and two fish, and Lord, IT’S NOT ENOUGH! The fact was, He knew it wasn’t enough but He wanted to teach them a great lesson.

That day, the disciples learned that if Jesus wants to supply a need, it doesn’t matter what you have to offer, take it out of your hands and put it in His and watch Him bless and multiply. No, the disciples didn’t have enough to meet the demand and the problem was bigger than what they could provide. However, when they gave Him everything they had, they watched their small amount meet an enormous need.

I believe today, the Lord wants to teach someone that very same lesson. No, you’re not having to feed five thousand people, but you are faced with a situation and you know, what you have to offer isn’t enough. You have to understand, you will never have enough. No matter what it is God calls you to do, you don’t have enough bread and fish to supply the need. You’ll always come short of the demand, no matter what you do in the work of God.

If you try to meet the need on your own, you’ll become worn out and eventually burn out. If what you have to offer remains in your hands, then no, it’s not enough. But when you take everything that is in your hands and then put it in the Lords, you will find, what was impossible with you, is now possible with God. Let me encourage you to stop stressing out about the size of what needs to be done, and transfer what you have to Jesus and watch Him bless and multiply what you don’t have enough to do.

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