Jesus stood by the Lake of Gennesaret teaching the Word, when He noticed two boats and the fishermen washing their nets. One of those boats belong to Simon Peter. Jesus stepped on his boat and asked him to pull the ship away from the land. Jesus was going to share something amazing with him, but he wanted to move away from the land. After drifting for a while, Jesus gives this challenge. “Launch Out Into The Deep And Cast Down Your Nets”!!! Master, really??? We have toiled all night and haven’t had any success. Finally Simon said, “Nevertheless, At Your Word I Will”. Simon is exhausted, frustrated and ready to call it a night. Jesus knows this, but He’s getting to show him a valuable lesson. You’ve worked hard and given it everything you have, but do it again, even though you’re tired.

With less strength and a lot less effort, Simon throws out the net. To his surprise, in no time, the nets were full of fish. Things were going so good, that the nets began to break. Simon’s strength was renewed as he saw the nets filling up and the boats starting to sink from the heavy load. He kneels in front of Jesus and commits himself to follow Him from that day forward.

After reading this story again this morning, I realized that the Lord still operates the same way today. First of all, He wants us to move away from wherever we’re anchored so He can speak into our lives. Many times we want to hear from Him with our anchor down and close enough to where we have options. The Lord, however, wants you to pull up the anchor and move away from those convenient distractions.

Secondly, He may ask you to do something after you’ve already put all of your efforts into it. You’re weary and tired, yet the Master asks you to launch out into the deep and let down your nets. He’ll let you wear yourself out trying to do it your way, then ask you to try again when you are completely exhausted. Sometimes He has to wait until we’ve reached this place to prove His point. With less effort, you start to see success and you’re trying to figure out what just happened. When you did it your way, nothing happened; but when you obeyed the Master, you submitted to His way and experienced success. That’s why He waited until you were so weary.

Sometimes He waits until you’re hanging up your nets and admitting you can’t do it, then steps on your boat to show you that He can. Maybe you’re weary and tired and don’t think anything good is going to happen. The truth is, He’s been waiting for you to wear out. You’re almost at the place where Simon was when Jesus stepped on his boat. Soon, you’re going to know just like Simon knew…the difference in then and now is who’s directing the boat. You may be getting ready to experience your greatest victory while feeling like you’re at your weakest. Once you get back to the shore, you’ll say; “It Had To Be Him”!!!

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