Whether you know it or not, the things you do have an effect on the people around you.

What you post on social media matters.
What you say matters.
How you act matters.
How you treat someone matters.

It’s the power of influence and we all have it and you may not realize this, but we all use it. There are people that watch us and even analyze our actions, because they want to follow in our footsteps. Some people do not care about this power and take advantage of it. It bothers me when I hear a famous athlete or celebrity remark about how they don’t want to be a role model and they should get to live any way they want to. The truth is, the more important you become to people with what you do, the greater your circle of influence will be. Can you imagine the change that would come if people with the largest circles, really took their power of influence serious?

You probably think my blog is about influence, but I am actually using that word to bring us to another one. When you have influence, then you have the ability to inspire. Everyone has some level of influence, but not everyone inspires. I want to encourage as many people as I can to understand their level of influence and then use it to inspire someone.

Influence means you caused someone to feel something, but inspiration means you caused someone to do something. Influence is unintentional, inspiration is intentional. To influence, you don’t have to have a target, but to inspire, you are definitely aware of where you are aiming. When you want to inspire, that means you understand your level of influence and you have a burning passion to make a difference in people’s lives.

Find a way this week to inspire someone. Don’t become a part of the negative posting that goes on with the social media world today. Use your talents and gifts to inspire. Share a story of victory in your life or even talk about someone that inspired you. I never thought I would be a writer, but so many of my friends encouraged me to not only use my preaching, singing and songwriting ability to help people, but to also start writing. I didn’t think I could ever do what I’m doing today with my website and blogging. Every email or comment that comes from something I said, goes all the way back to the people who inspired me.

Somebody is watching you and somebody will listen to you. You can make a big change with little effort. Whomever you inspire, will eventually inspire someone else and on and on it goes. So, use your level of influence for something good and positive today and start inspiring!

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